Jesus Chapel north Window 2 of Norwich Anglican Cathedral
Medieval figure of St Thomas

20th century depiction of the armorial achievement of Sir Edmund Bacon made by G King & Sons

Medieval figure of St Matthew

Evangelist symbol of St Mark c1330 - 1340

14th century representation of the Virgin and Child

Evangelist symbol of St Matthew c1330 - 1340

The Bacon Memorial window was donated by the Friends of Norwich Cathedral in 1984. It is dedicated to Sir Edmund Bacon, High Steward of the cathedral from 1956 to 1970 and was collected and arranged by Dennis King (G King and Sons).

The central panel contains the armorial achievement of Sir Edmund including his Garter and motto "Mediocria firma". It is a modern piece made by G King & Sons.

The remaining glazing consists of reused medieval glass mainly from the church of St Andrew, Tottington, Norfolk and from Nowton Court, Suffolk.

At the foot of the left and right lights representations of St Mark, as a winged lion and St Matthew as "The Winged Man," both were originally located at Tottington. They both date from the period 1330 - 40. Between the two Evangelists in the central, is a lovely representation of the Virgin and Child. Of unknown origin it dates from a similar period.

Above the Evangelists are the Apostles St Matthew and St Thomas. Although their "bodies" date from c1300 their heads were replaced in the 15th century. The space between the panels and the canopies has been filled with fragments including a border made of alternating vine leaves and squirrels.

To see more detail and information on the origin of each piece place your cursor over the highlighted panels in the window